Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Infidelity is No Joke...

When I confessed that “I love You”
You said, it wasn’t true,
An infatuation you said it was,
My heart skipped a beat to take a pause.
The blush on these cheeks soon turned pale,
Shattering the plot of my adorable fairytale.
But that’s where this damsel went wrong,
Believing that the charming prince to me did belong,
Twas the serpent of the Nile to Cleopatra who approached,
To once convey that Antony had been encroached,
For one ruth Ceasar’s sister who was waiting to be wed,
Only to later be consummated in bed
With the victorious Hercules, who for her didn’t care,
Because his love for the swan couldn’t be left bare.
I’m no Cleopatra and Antony shall not come back,
Leaving me in wonder of what is it that I lack?

The question raised above is the one raised by no ordinary woman but a wife doomed under the burden of adultery. Infidelity, extra marital affairs and consequent divorces are no longer issues that remain uncommon and unheard of. Infact, their ratio in today’s world has reached a stage where they comprise as a part and parcel of our lives. However behind the apparent common are matters that are uncalled for and can disrupt the potential of a woman. Infidelity is often perceived as a sign of rejection and can invade upon and impede the perceived image of the self. This post will not go beyond to address the issue further. It has been put up on this portal only to raise questions and that’s just about what it will do.
What right do you have to first use me and then toss me away onto the heap of garbage?


  1. WOMAN THE POWER OF THE SOUL OF MANKIND!!!!!!!indeed it is rightly said no woman likes to be treated like an empty can in a garbage bin

  2. society is transforming and infidelity is no longer issue of gender alone. Numbers are growing where women equally using men and then toss away .After all it is game of emerging money and power rather than love, faith and trust. I agree with your view point regarding suffering of women and your approach of touching this issue which is highly thought provoking