Monday, September 27, 2010

It’s Called Eve Teasing

What I’m going to write today is not driven out of empathy for the one facing the brunt of societal evil, but is purely drawn out of a narrated experience. It is something that each woman reading this would have experienced at one point or the other. But before I actually begin let me offer my salutations to my muse, a dear friend. I would also like to offer my tribute to my personal che (the inner Supreme guiding force) who has liberated me (after great introspection) from all inhibitions associated with such issues.                
It was just another of those nights when we, future managers, sitting in our hostel rooms decided that it’s been long since we had taken a break and must do so immediately. Such is the power of impulse when it overtakes your mental faculties. Girls sitting in the protective shield of the four walls of that dorm will be willing to quit it straight away and head out as Comrades into the dark roads of the outer evil world.(My very intellectual Reader is expected to interpret dark in both its literal and metaphorical sense). The idea of the “break” is so luring that girls often forget Mommy’s lesson taught long ago, “Always return before its dark and never ever step out after its dark”.
Three girls in a car, driving down the cold empty roads of a city unknown, to a destination unseen, waiting to be evaded, only to be experimented upon. However, the opposite sex is not really as benevolent as we perceive it to be. Yes, we are in a liberal world, but Liberalization accompanies its own drawbacks. The hawks in the night are always hungry for the long necks of the swans. These hawks were on their bikes next to our car, admiring the appealing necks of the swans. One word! Another! A few more! (In admiration or lechery is for my Reader to judge). But that was it. Our Comrade girls were not willing to take in any more s**t. They would give it back and yes they did! Their bows were out shooting arrows of “B**t**d! A****le! Go f**k your mother.”
Uncouth is it Reader? Does it shock you?
Eve teasing, it is called. But was Eve drawn out of Adam’s ribs to be teased???

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